One simple cloud HR system to manage hire-to-retire in a breeze

Oorwin consolidates multiple HR applications into an unified HCM system, for running efficient post-hire operations.

employee management

Organise Connected Human Resource Management

  • Create an easily accessible organization

    Build a connected organization and know who reports to whom and vice versa. Find a specific employee faster and communicate effectively. View and manage thousands of employee information from one place. Manage all employee documents at one centeralised locations.

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    Tailor hire to retire processes with custom workflows

    Work the way, you want. Customize existing processes. Add custom fields of your choice in a form or process. Build a secure employee ecosystem by restricting access levels.

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    Give self-service power to your employees

    Engage your managers and employees with intuitive tools. Manager can check employee productivity, leave balance, make dynamic adjustments to working hours. Employees can apply for Overtime, leaves, check their tasks, assignments.

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    Fully customizable, robust, and adaptive solution

    OorwinHR is fully customizable, yet adaptive and flexible to the needs and requirement of a small or large enterprise.


Keep your employees and stakeholders engaged

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    Manage assignments and tasks

    Create billable and non-billable assignments. Effectively track the employee utilisation. Ability to manage task assignments, task reminders.

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    Manage Customers & Vendors

    Receive automatic task reminders, flags to resolve conflict. Share information with clients and vendors from the portal.

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    Vendor & Client Onboarding

    Effortless client and vendor onboarding with fully customisable digital onboarding ability.

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    Organize your work with simplified document management

    Organize all documents at one place. Dynamic folder management with automated document expiry reminders. Renew contracts before they expire and ask for pending documents to run a fully complaint HR operations.


Align people and work with dynamic work clock models

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    Say hello to modern time tracking

    Create dynamic and fully complaint Check In – Check Out time captures. Manage and track billable and non-billable hours. View time cards sorted by assignment for quick reconciliation. Minimize compliance risks. Increase employee productivity. Tracking with effective dashboards.

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    Make approval process more agile and versatile

    Create custom approval workflows. Add direct and indirect reporting heads. Run a approval data governance system, yet flexible to business and people requirements. Add multiple managers for approval. Give more flexibility by mail integration, to empower manager approve work things through mails directly.

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    Gain real-time insights into employee's time

    Reduce invoice reconciliation efforts with a single 360-degree view. View dynamic timesheet dashboards. Extract fully exportable reports, to enable decision making. Seamless integration between timesheets and invoice, to keep project costs on track.


Manage expenses in a jiffy

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    Manage expenses simple, complaint and dynamic

    Create custom expenses and configurable bill approval workflow based on designation, role etc. Record bills and expenses, as they happen. Add multiple bills type category.

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    Customizable and versatile expense tracking

    Modify and customize advance expense policy, by employees, LOB, and purpose. Sync corporate debit and credit card transactions, by excluding personal bills.

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    Build beautiful reports, in no time

    Track bills per expense type, to manage costs. Create intuitive dashboards and build reports with dynamic widget. Export expense reports for stress-free financial reconciliation, avoiding last-minute audit rush.

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    Experience paperless, foolproof expense management

    With Oorwin paperless solution, bring all bills, receipts, advance expenses under one consolidated system. Save countless productive hours on printing and mailing with automated notifications and information sync.


Manage effortless, zero-paper Accounting

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    All-in-one self-serve templatization

    Create and design invoices templates, as per department, industry, designation, LOB for increasing reusability and reducing work effort

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    Integrated and holistic invoicing

    Add expenses, timesheets with receipt proof and send invoices in minimum time and screens. Set automated payment due reminders and receive notifications on invoice read and other client actions.

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    Flexible invoice management

    Manage automate and full payments, with seamless integration to payroll. Reduce labor efforts on auditing and account receivables/payable.

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    Employee payroll, compensation, and benefits management

    Manage variable salary stubs with compensation structure, designed based on role, location, tax structure. Pass gross salary and benefits to your employees. Seamless integration with finance and accounting systems, for faster accruals and reversals


Inbuilt CRM in HRM

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    Create & manage customer information is never been so easy

    Effortlessly manage customer information, Contract documents, customer contacts, financial transactions from a single interface.

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    Contacts Management

    Create customer contacts from multiple sources with a click of a button. Manage effective communication with customer contacts from OorwinHR system.

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    Customer Insights

    OorwinHR provides comprehensive customer insights from its flagship Big Data analytics platform which helps customers to take informed decisions